Monday, November 9, 2015

Phase I: Water Service Reinstatements On-Going. Phase II: Open Cut Water Main Installation On-Going

Phase I: Glenview Road to Eastwood Lane

Work Completed Last Week
·         Received required approvals to place water main into service
·         Started installing new water services to individual homes

Work Anticipated This Week:
·         Re-connect water service inside homes
·         Install new water meters inside homes.
·         Remove temporary water main.
·         Asphalt patching of roadway.

Once the water service is re-established or a new water service is installed outside your home, the contractor and Village of Glenview will need to enter your home to reconnect the service inside the house. The Village of Glenview will be installing new water meters at the same the connection is made. Once this connection is made, you will no longer be serviced from the temporary water main. The contractor will be contacting you to schedule appointments to enter your home. Please make every effort to respond to their requests in order to get your service reconnected as quickly as possible.

If you have not been contacted already by the contractor, you should be contacted early next week. Please make every effort to schedule your appointment with the contractor to re-connect your service. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for all your cooperation and patience.

Phase II: Eastwood Lane to Appletree Lane

Work completed Last Week:
·         Began installing new fire hydrants
·         Continued with open cut installation of water main at connection points.

Work Anticipated This Week:
·         Complete fire hydrant installation
·         Complete open cut installation of water main at connection points.
·         Begin testing prior to placing new water main into service.

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