Monday, October 19, 2015

Open Cut Water Main on Phase I. Start Internal Lining of Phase II

Phase I: Glenview Road to Eastwood Lane

Work Completed Last Week
·         Pressure testing and televising of internal liner
·         Reinstated water services within internal liner
·         Installation of connection points and fire hydrants

Work Anticipated This Week:
·         Complete open cut installation of connection points and fire hydrants
·         Complete televising of internal liner
·         Complete reinstating water services within internal liner
·         Chlorinate and testing of new internal liner 

Phase II: Eastwood Lane to Appletree Lane

Work completed Last Week:
·         Installation of new 12-inch water valve at Appletree Lane
·         Excavation of pits for installing internal liner.

Work Anticipated This Week:
·         Shut-down existing 12-inch water main for lining.
·         Televising and cleaning of existing 12-inch water main
·         Install internal liner within existing 12-inch water main

We appreciate all the patience and understanding of the residents along Wagner Road and the surrounding neighborhoods dealing with travel delays and water main shut downs over the past few weeks. There will be additional water shut downs throughout at the area as work continues. Residents will be notified 24-hours in advance of any scheduled shut-down, but please be aware, there are occasions the water main needs to be turn off to make an emergency repair.

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