Monday, September 7, 2015

Construction to Begin

Welcome to the Wagner Road Water Main Lining Construction Blog!  Each week updates will be given regarding the construction progress from the following week, anticipated work to occur the upcoming week, and other information. Additional information will also be provided on a periodic basis via mailed or hand-delivered letters. These construction updates will typically provide more time-sensitive information or information regarding scheduled water main shut-downs that are needed to complete this project. Please be on the lookout for these updates in the mail or in your front door.

The project consists of lining the existing 12-inch water main along Wagner Road from Glenview Road to Appletree Lane. To perform this construction, a temporary water main between Glenview Road and Eastwood Lane will be installed above ground to provide water service to those residents. This temporary water main will be tested to ensure it is safe prior to placing into service. The temporary water service will either be connected to the existing water service line to the home or be connected through an outside hose spigot. We will work with each resident to determine the best and most efficient method to provide temporary water service.

The project is currently scheduled to last for approximately 2 months depending on work progress and weather conditions. Weather conditions may cause some work to be shifted to the spring.

The general contractor for the project is Sheridan Plumbing. The Village of Glenview’s Project Manager is Chris Gray and the Village’s on-site construction representative is Jeff Yonke.

Work Completed Last Week:
A preconstruction meeting with Village staff, engineer, and contractor was conducted last week to determine work schedule, construction operations, and set expectations for project.

Work Anticipated This Week:
·         Mobilize equipment and personnel along with miscellaneous preparation work prior to starting construction.
·         Begin performing the open cut areas of the water main replacement.
  • Begin setting up temporary water main

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